Does my company need a minimum number of employees to be part of the club?

Any company is able to join our platform and enjoy all the perks and benefits. Come and be part of New Value!

I want to join New Value's perks club. What should I do?

Register here. It’s easy, fast and in a couple days you and your employees are going to be able to use the platform.

What is the cost to be part of New Value?

Register here and learn more details. If you represent a company which is interested to partner-up with New Value, please send us an e-mail at contato@newvalue.com.br and we would be glad to help.

How does the platform works?

It’s really simple and uncomplicated, after you’ve registered, you’ll add the beneficiaries with their name and ID on the company’s administrative panel. With the login and password registered, the platform will be available, so they can use all the benefits on the users exclusive page.

How can I cancel my account? Is there any fee?

There is no cost nor fee. You just need to request it at the administrative panel.